Business NH: New Year Marks Launch of GraniteOne Health

Friday, January 13, 2017

With all necessary regulatory and board approvals in hand, operations of GraniteOne Health began with the New Year. This affiliation between Catholic Medical Center (CMC) in Manchester, Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro and Monadnock Community Hospital (MCH) in Peterborough was cleared by the state’s Antitrust Bureau in December 2016 and the three hospitals’ boards recently approved the board of trustees for GraniteOne Health, based in Manchester. The new organization is intended to enable the hospitals to grow their clinical relationships, build economies of scale, and improve value to patients.

“GraniteOne Health will model healthcare for the future in New Hampshire,” says CMC President and CEO Joseph Pepe. “As the marketplace changes around us, we’re working to maximize the strengths of our three trusted hospitals to ensure greater access to high-quality services for all of our patients.”

GraniteOne Health’s board of trustees is comprised of 11 members: seven appointed by CMC, two representing Huggins Hospital and two representing Monadnock Community Hospital. Dr. Pepe, in addition to his role at CMC, will serve as CEO of GraniteOne Health.

“It is exciting to design a healthcare system that understands and will meet the specific needs of our local communities,” says Huggins Hospital President and CEO Jeremy Roberge. “Our patients and our employees have remained our top priority throughout this process and I’m confident GraniteOne will benefit them both.”

“This affiliation will allow us to better serve our patients in the Monadnock region,” said MCH President and CEO Cynthia McGuire. “Collaboration and cooperation with our partners is the key to success as we adapt to new healthcare delivery models. We look forward to developing a system that positions us for the future and which values health care at the local, community level. Together we are stronger.”

Both Huggins and Monadnock have long-standing clinical relationships with CMC in specialty areas such as cardiology and vascular care. GraniteOne allows the hospitals to explore further collaborations in clinical areas as well as other services that could benefit from economies of scale, all while maintaining a seamless patient experience.

Members of the GraniteOne Health board of trustees are:

CMC Appointed Board Members:

Maria Mongan, recently retired as an area vice president for Verizon Communications in Manchester.

Rick Botnick, vice president of Botnick /5 Ventures Inc. and president and CEO of E&R Laundry & Dry Cleaners.

Andy Crews, president and CEO of AutoFair Automotive Group in Manchester.

Joseph Graham, president of iHeartMedia NH.

Matthew Albuquerque, founder and president of Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics Inc. in Manchester.

Marie McKay, a CPA and the managing principal of Bigelow & Company, an accounting firm with offices in Manchester and Portsmouth.

Keith Stahl, executive medical director for CMC Primary Care and Population Health in Manchester.

Ex-officio Board Members:

Joseph Pepe, CEO of System Parent and president and CEO of Catholic Medical Center in Manchester.

Alexander J. Walker, executive vice president of operations & strategic development at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester.

Huggins Hospital Appointed Board Member:

Leslie N.H. MacLeod, a recently retired professor of Health Management & Policy at the University of NH in Durham.

Huggins Hospital Ex-officio Board Member:

Jeremy Roberge, CPA and president & CEO of Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro.

Monadnock Community Hospital Appointed Board Member:

Marcia Ober, former adjunct professor of English at Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts and  vice chair of the MCH board of trustees.

Monadnock Community Hospital Ex-officio Board Member:

Cynthia K. McGuire, president & CEO of Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough.