The member hospitals of GraniteOne Health work together to provide stronger, seamless services to our patients, and work behind the scenes to reduce costs by optimizing the efficiency of what we do.

We collaborate on patient services including:

Cardiology and Vascular

The services of CMC’s New England Heart & Vascular Institute are also available at Huggins Hospital and Monadnock Community Hospital.  This service brings world-class cardiology and vascular care to the greater Wolfeboro and Peterborough areas. This collaboration allows for regular visits, consultations, and follow up care to happen locally, and provides for a seamless continuum of care if patients need advanced procedures at CMC.  

Hospital Medicine

Hospitalists are physicians who focus on caring for patients in the hospital. They manage patients throughout their entire hospital stay, from the time they are admitted until the time they are discharged. Most hospitalists have completed training that emphasizes the care of acutely ill patients. Shared hospitalists bring a wealth of experience and insight to patient care and promote a seamless experience when a patient is transferred between hospitals. 


Sachin Dave, MD, is a hospitalist who is board certified in neurology and psychiatry.  He sees patients in the hospital at CMC and at The Neurology Center at Monadnock Community Hospital.


The hospitals of GraniteOne Health work together in order to ensure fast lab results and effective care. The Monadnock Community Hospital Rapid Response Lab focuses on a select menu of tests needed STAT, while sending other tests to CMC that are less time-sensitive to critical care decisions. Meanwhile, Huggins Hospital is redesigning its Laboratory Information System for enhanced coordination with CMC, as all results are integrated into AllScripts. Now, hospitalists will be able to follow patient care and lab results across both systems. CMC also performs Pathology and Microbiology testing for the Huggins lab. Our shared goals are always to improve quality, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.


Todd Daugherty, MD, of CMC Comprehensive Rheumatology, sees patients at offices in both Manchester and Peterborough.

Surgical Services

Several CMC surgeons are proud members of the Surgical Services team at Monadnock Community Hospital. These team partners bring expertise in general, vascular, laparoscopic, and gastrointestinal surgery, providing an added layer to the skills of MCH’s surgeons.

Working together under GraniteOne Health, our hospitals are expanding access to high-quality, specialty care using telemedicine technology.  All three hospitals currently offer telestroke services, which provide timely, remote consults with neurologists. This helps patients get specialized, time-sensitive stroke treatments faster, which has been shown to limit potential stroke-related damage to the brain. GraniteOne Health initiated the telehealth program, which has the potential to be applied to many other medical specialties across all hospitals, such as teleneurology.
Wound Care

Many wound problems – including ulcers and other wounds that won’t heal – stem from underlying vascular issues.  The vascular specialists from CMC’s New England Heart & Vascular Institute work with patients at Huggins Hospital to restore vascular health and promote proper wound healing. 

Electronic Medical Records

GraniteOne Health member hospitals are also working together to connect internal systems for a seamless connection and patient experience. CMC and Huggins Hospital utilize Oracle which connects Human Resources, Payroll, Finance and Materials Management. Both CMC and Huggins Hospital also plan to implement Allscripts as the single-platform Electronic Medical Record system throughout both organizations.


The services of CMC’s NH Gastroenterology are also available at Huggins Hospital. This service provides local access to the latest care and treatment options for a wide range of digestive conditions and disorders including conditions of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, rectum, pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts.

GraniteOne Health member hospitals are also working together to save time and money by improving and linking many internal systems. CMC and Huggins Hospital utilize the Oracle electronic system that connects Human Resources, Payroll, Finance and Materials Management. The Oracle system is designed to help streamline and connect all aspects of employee resources and supply chain management as well as reduce the need for paper.